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A great gift idea, the “Our Kampot Peppers” box contains 5 tubes of 50g, accompanied by a recipe from our Book. An ideal selection to bring the terroir of Kampot to your table and discover the flavours of each colour of our Kampot Peppers!

Victim of its success

Victim of its success

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An ideal selection to enhance your
winter dishes

Our limited edition “Winter Flavours” box contains the fresh spice blends that we have concocted for you at La Plantation:

– Our Fresh Salted Red Kampot Pepper PGI. An exclusive creation of La Plantation, the Fresh Red Kampot Pepper with Salt is made from red peppercorns picked when fully ripe. The fresh red peppercorns follow a unique Kampot salt fermentation process. Crushed, the peppercorns can be used directly on your dishes, such as salmon gravlax, foie gras, poultry, cheese.

– Our Long Pepper Leather. The Long Pepper fruits are harvested by hand when fully ripe. They are then dehydrated at low temperature, spread out in sheets, to obtain a natural spicy leather. A unique creation, this Long Pepper Leather is very sweet on the attack, and gives the impression of sucking on a caramel or a Carambar, but spicy. Use for onion chutney, jams, foie gras, juices, poultry, duck breast, beef Wellington.

– Our Young Ginger. Ginger is harvested while still young and full of juice. The rhizomes are peeled and dried immediately at a low temperature to preserve all their aromas. Young Ginger develops a freshness and an exceptional aromatic richness. It will deliciously flavour your cakes, Christmas shortbread, oyster vinaigrette, scallop carpaccio, broths.

– Our Cinnamon Tamarind Sauce. This sweet sauce has a perfect balance between the sweet notes of cinnamon and the tartness of tamarind. Our Cinnamon Tamarind Sauce can be used from starters to desserts. At breakfast, you can add a spoonful of the sauce to yoghurt or a slice of buttered bread. It goes well with turkeys and capons, beef Wellington, foie gras, stuffing. You can also use it with a slow-cooked shoulder of lamb or to glaze a duck breast or pork with spices. It can also be mixed with miso and olive oil, then covered on slices of aubergine which will be candied in the oven.

The “Winter Flavors” box comes with a recipe card “Young Ginger Cake”, taken from the Season Suppers Recipe Book, Vol. 1

Our Winter Flavours Gift Set is the perfect holiday gift for your friends and family. Gourmets will be delighted to receive a selection of quality spices.

  • Variety

    Fresh Salted Red Kampot Pepper, Young Ginger, Long Pepper Leather, Cinnamon Tamarind Sauce
  • Origin

  • DDM

    36 months (Pepper), Mix and Sauce (24 months)
  • Conservation

  • Weight

    3 tubes of 50g and a 100ml sauce

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