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Our project, like any agricultural project, is a long-term project. It is based on a fair model for our partners and employees. We work with international importers and distributors who share our values. Together, we are committed to offering the freshest spices at the fairest price, for the producer and the consumer.

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The assurance of receiving fresh spices of exceptional quality

Our label Collège Culinaire de France and our medals at the Épicures (le Monde de l'épicerrie fine) and the Salon Gourmet are proof of this recognition.

Direct sourcing of your spices

Short supply-chain without middlemen

Promote responsible and fair trade products to your customers

WFTO Certification
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Supporting a major social project in Cambodia

Because behind La Plantation, a whole region benefits from our investments and jobs (1st employer in the Kampot region, support for the primary school and students in higher education).

Rely on true traceability

Transparently tracing the spices back to the field where they are harvested

Real support from our team to train you and promote our products

Training on Cambodian spices, in-store presentation for your customers, promotional tools, POS brochures, communication on our social networks

Benefit from innovative products, developed exclusively by La Plantation

Like Fresh Salted Kampot Pepper or Spice Sauces
La Plantation fraîcheur et qualité

Delivery in France (48h) and in Europe (3/5 days)

Free delivery for orders over €80

Secure payment - Visa - Paypal - Mastercard

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