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"We have a social and societal responsibility and this is what the Plantation project is all about. Our daily commitment and goal are to make this adventure a sustainable development project for our employees and the future of their children, our village, the Kampot region and Cambodia." Nathalie and Guy

The largest employer
in the region

We employ more than 150 full-time staff and during the Kampot Pepper harvest, which lasts about 5 months, we employ an additional 100 to 150 people to collect the bunches and select the seeds by hand.
In this way, we enable the villagers to receive a monthly salary while remaining in their family environment, the keystone of Cambodian society.

They are also provided with three meals a day, some with on-site accommodation, medical cover, a pension scheme and regular training to develop their skills. We are happy to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of our employees and their families, which is about 1000 people.


Our social commitment to education

As soon as we arrived in Cambodia, we wanted to support the village primary school for the benefit of its pupils. We therefore created an association whose first objective is to promote access to primary education for all the children in our village.
L'Association les écoles de La Plantation
We are committed to taking care of school facilities, providing bicycles, school supplies and hygiene kits for the children, as well as supporting teachers' salaries.

How to get to the college

However, our real challenge and commitment is to offer these rural children the opportunity to study in secondary school through to university in order to obtain a rewarding profession.
L'Association les écoles de La Plantation
The distance between the village and the city of Kampot - about 20 kilometres - is a barrier to accessing secondary education.

This is why our programme to support secondary and higher education students includes their transport by minivan in the morning and evening. We also finance their entire school curriculum, the provision of uniforms, notebooks, books, breakfast and give them money to have lunch at school.

We want these future adults to be self-sufficient and responsible.

In Cambodia today, one person’s salary can support several generations of the family. We are happy to give the opportunity to the children of the village to have access to a quality education that will give them access to rewarding jobs. This will enable them to support their families financially.

Association Les Écoles

And after? University

Giving village children the opportunity to access the best universities in Phnom Penh remains our main goal.
L'Association les écoles de La Plantation
Our first student is passing his baccalaureate and will be enrolled at the University of Law and Economics in 2023. He wants to become a lawyer!

We support them financially throughout their university studies and set up a reception and accommodation structure.

Association Les Écoles

Do you want to support
our kids?

You can make a one-off donation or an annual commitment to support a child in primary, secondary or university school.
For French taxpayers, 66% of the amount of your donation can be deducted from your tax bill.

Association Les Écoles

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