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Arriving in Cambodia for the first time in 2013, Guy and Nathalie fell in love with the country and wanted to create a project for the development of the country and its rural community.

Kampot Pepper and its region were the catalysts of this adventure on the other side of the world.

The project was born: to cultivate and promote Cambodian spices throughout the world and to actively participate in the renaissance of Kampot Pepper.


The genesis of the project
La Plantation

From a wasteland, visited by scooters driven by Cambodians in February 2013, we transformed the site into a model farm that has now become the Kampot region's main tourist destination.







La Plantation

The first years

were devoted to setting up the Kampot Pepper plantation and the spice processing units

La Plantation Poivre de Kampot

Opening up to visitors

We wanted to open the Plantation to visits, during which we enjoy showing all the manual stages of the selection of the best peppercorns in the world, the Kampot Pepper.

Le Poivre de Kampot au Sel

The exclusive innovation: fresh salted Kampot pepper

To preserve the taste qualities of fresh green pepper, we have implemented a unique process of preserving the fresh corns with Kampot salt. Since then, feedbacks are unanimous: it is an explosion of peppery flavours in the mouth and the crunchiness of the grain is exceptional.

La Plantation Sala Chan

launch of our programme to safeguard of the Khmer architectural heritage,

with the installation of our Salachan, the former pagoda refectory, which we dismantled and reinstalled at La Plantation.

La Plantation ferme équitable

the hunt for Cambodia’s best spices

Then we went on a hunt for the best spices in Cambodia, with a network of over 50 small family farms growing spices following our fair trade standards.

Best of Excellence de La Plantation

recognition from our peers

Gourmet Selection has created a special award for La Plantation, the Best of Excellence award. This award recognises the exceptional quality of our products and our ethical commitment to the production and fair trade of the finest spices in Cambodia.



La Plantation fraîcheur et qualité
We have set up a production site at La Plantation that allows us to process and package the spices immediately after harvest.

Freshness is an essential guarantee of the quality of the spices we produce. The production site is a controlled environment with trained staff, ensuring compliance with international standards of hygiene and food safety.

From our long career in IT and new technologies, innovation is part of our DNA.

In 2017, we launched a new product, Fresh Salted Kampot Pepper, an exclusive product of La Plantation. We have developed a unique technique to preserve the taste and crisp texture of fresh green Kampot Pepper, by preserving it with Kampot salt.


Nathalie & Guy

« La Plantation is a family, social and sustainable project that started in 2013, during our first trip to Cambodia. Having fallen under its spell, we wanted to contribute to the development of this rural region of Kampot province, in the southwest of Cambodia. »

The project

La Plantation, a family and
social project

La Plantation un projet familial
La Plantation is the result of a project led by Guy and Nathalie

A French-Belgian couple who, after a long career in IT, decided to move to Cambodia in 2013 and start a Kampot Pepper plantation on a wasteland.

La Plantation is now the model farm of the appellation and grows many other Cambodian spices organically.

At La Plantation, we control quality at every stage of production, from cultivation to individual packs, and are very involved in innovation to offer you surprising versions of our spices.

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