Chillies and Paprika

From the mildest to the strongest, we've selected a range of Chillies and PrapikaΒ in all colours and to suit all tastes. Available whole, powdered or smoked, our chillies will spice up and colour your dishes in an original way. Discover the subtle aromas of our rare and delicate chillies grown on our own organic farm in Kampot.
Our Chilies and Paprika

Paprika powder


Γ€ partir de 7,63 

Smoked Sweet Long Chili Powder

αž˜αŸ’αž‘αŸαžŸαž”αŸ’αž›αŸ„αž€αž‘αž»αŸ† αž†αŸ’αž’αžΎαžš

Γ€ partir de 8,27 

Red Bird Chili whole


Γ€ partir de 5,30 

Smoked Red Bird Chili whole

αž˜αŸ’αž‘αŸαžŸαž’αžΆαž…αž˜αŸαžŸαžαŸ’αžœ αž†αŸ’αž’αžΎαžšβ€‹

Γ€ partir de 5,62 

Green Bird Chili whole


Γ€ partir de 5,30 

Crushed Chilies Trio

αž˜αŸ’αž‘αŸαžŸαž€αž·αž“ αž”αžΈ មុខ

Γ€ partir de 10,60 

White Chili Powder

αž˜αŸ’αžŸαŸ‰αŸ…αž˜αŸ’αž‘αŸαžŸ ស

Γ€ partir de 7,63 

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