Comment récolte t-on le Poivre de Kampot ?

How do we harvest Kampot Pepper?

Follow a complete annual cycle of Kampot Pepper cultivation, as if you were with us, in La Plantation's pepper plantations and ateliers!
How do we harvest Kampot Pepper?

Harvesting our Kampot Pepper: a manual process

From March or April, the fully ripe bunches are harvested by hand. Our pickers make several passes over each pepper plant during the 3 months of the harvest, to allow each bunch to ripen to perfection.
Once harvested, the bunches arrive in the hands of our selectors. They patiently remove the red seeds from each bunch. These will become the emblematic product of the appellation, Red Kampot Pepper. Some of the red berries are transformed into white pepper after soaking overnight, washing and removing the pericarp.
The dark green beans are destemmed before being scalded.

Naturally drying in the sun

The three colours of beans are dried in the sun for 2 to 3 days, on nets. Every two hours, our teams turn the grapes to ensure that they dry evenly. The grains are brought in every evening to avoid dampness during the night. They are then taken out again each morning for another day of drying. All this is done to achieve optimum drying while preserving the exceptional flavours of Kampot Pepper, recognised as the best pepper in the world.

Grain by grain, selected by hand

The dried peppercorns all go through the final stage of manual selection by the expert hands of our selectors. They remove any small seeds, broken peppercorns or small stems attached to the peppercorns. It’s a long, painstaking process that continues throughout the year to select only the perfect Kampot Pepper beans.

Each batch of pepper can be traced from the farm to the final packet, so you can be sure of having the best pepper in the world – genuine Kampot pepper – on your table!


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