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How to make a delicious Kampot Pepper sauce?

You must know the pepper sauce, an iconic recipe of the French gastronomy, which can be found in many bistros, and also revisited by the great chefs! You have surely cooked a pepper sauce... But have you ever prepared a Kampot Pepper sauce?
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How to make a delicious Kampot Pepper sauce?

With our different Kampot Peppers ; from white, to red, to black and even to green, you are ideally equipped to make the best pepper sauce, which will perfectly accompany your steaks, white meats, and fried potatoes! We reveal all our tips in today’s article.

The Plantation: pepper experts

Experts in Kampot Pepper since 2013, La Plantation has always been at the crossroads of tradition and innovation. In a desire to preserve the Kampot terroir, and to participate in the renaissance of its pepper, which is now even protected by a PGI, we have developed our Farm in pure respect of ancestral traditions, with meticulous work carried out by hand, from harvesting, to sorting and the various production processes, and packaging. But from the very beginning, our desire to innovate was extremely strong, and we developed a unique product: our Fresh Salted Green Kampot Pepper. An unforgettable way to discover the flavours of this very special pepper, as if you were at our Farm in Kampot!

main qui tient une grappe de poivre

What is Kampot Pepper?

Kampot Pepper is a high quality pepper, renowned for its unique and complex flavour. It is grown on our farm in the Kampot region of Cambodia, where the tropical climate and mineral-rich soil create ideal growing conditions. Kampot Pepper is hand-harvested and sun-dried using traditional methods passed down from generation to generation by farmers. It develops a complex flavour, both spicy and floral, with notes of eucalyptus, mint and citrus. Kampot Pepper has become increasingly popular in high-end restaurants and gourmet kitchens around the world and is considered one of the best peppers available.

Sauce au poivre noir

Which Kampot Pepper can be used?

Our Dehydrated Green Pepper
Rehydrate in a little warm water, 15 minutes before use. Drain the water and add to the cream off the heat!
Grind at the very end, directly into the sauce.

Our Fresh Green Pepper with Salt
Do not grind, add directly to the plate!

Our Crushed Black Pepper
Pre-cracked for optimal use by professionals or those without a grinder or mortar. To be added while heating your sauce.

Our Green & Black Kampot Pepper Sauces: ready to use
And if you want to enjoy a ready-to-use Kampot Pepper Sauce, we have not one, but two sauces for you to discover! Our Green Kampot Pepper Sauce is made only when the fresh pepper is harvested on our farm and offers you fresh and vegetal flavours. The Black Kampot Pepper version, on the other hand, is more full-bodied and slightly sweet! Both are used as a mustard-type condiment, to be enjoyed directly at the table. P.S. Don’t forget to take them out of the fridge 15 minutes beforehand and to shake them well before use!

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