Les 8 épices incontournables pour les fromages frais

The 8 essential spices for fresh cheese

The 8 essential spices for fresh cheese

We love to use spices from appetizer to dessert. And what about cheese? During the summer, we love to eat fresh goat cheese which is very high in protein and low in fat. Their soft taste offers a perfect match for our exceptional spices from Cambodia. Are you having friends or family over and want to introduce them to our little wonders? No problem, we offer you a tasting format on fresh cheeses!

Chèvres frais pimentés et poivrés

Fresh goat cheese with pepper and spices

For our fresh goat cheese, here are our 4 favorite spices: our Crushed Chilies Trio, Green Bird Pepper, White Chili and our Pepper & Spice Mix.

As simple to make as it is fun, you just need to buy one or more fresh goats (round or square) from your favorite cheese shop. Cut it in half lengthwise. You generously garnish the top of the lower slice with spices, and cover it with the other slice. For a nice look and maximum flavor, you sprinkle the top of the cheese with the same spice.

They can be left to rest and infuse in the fridge for a few hours to enhance the flavors, or served immediately for the gourmands! This is a great idea for summer appetizers (cut the cheese into small pieces with a wooden pick); there is something for everyone’s taste!


Chèvres frais pimentés et poivrés et sauces de la plantation

Sheep’s milk cheese with sauces

We love sheep’s milk cheese, a fresh cheese that can be eaten at breakfast. We reinforce its fresh taste by adding our newest range of Spicy Sauces; with our Hot Sauces: Pineapple Spicy and Smoked Pepper, and our Sweet Sauces: Kampot Green Pepper and Cardamom Duo. For a convivial moment at the table, we love to do a tasting of our sauces, one by one, and ask for everyone’s favorite sauce!

From the mildest to the strongest, the Spicy Sauces will make you travel this summer!


Présentation du Chèvre frais pimentés et poivrés


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