Une journée inoubliable à La Plantation Kampot
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An unforgettable day at La Plantation Kampot

Nestled in the heart of the jungle in the Kampot region, La Plantation Kampot offers an immersive experience in an unspoilt natural environment, where Khmer history and culture blend harmoniously.
An unforgettable day at La Plantation Kampot

Wake-up & Breakfast at La Villa de la Plantation

Upon waking up, visitors are greeted by a breathtaking view of the spice plantations bathed in the soft light of the sunrise, promising a day filled with discoveries and relaxation.

After a restful night in a peaceful setting, there’s nothing like a delicious breakfast at La Villa de la Plantation. Choose between a traditional Khmer breakfast or a continental meal, accompanied by fresh fruits picked from our tropical garden in Kampot. It’s the perfect time to indulge while preparing for a day full of adventures.

petit déjeuner à la plantation

Biking Through Our Fair Trade Farm to Salachan

Next, hop on a bike for a ride through our Fair Trade Farm towards Salachan, among our Kampot Pepper plants. This excursion provides a total immersion into the natural beauty of the area, allowing visitors to admire the lush landscape while acquainting themselves with the Khmer architectural heritage that characterizes the region.

champs de fleur à kampot

Exclusive guided tour and tasting at La Plantation Kampot

Join a guided tour to learn more about the spices grown on site and a tasting, both free of charge. This unique experience offers a fascinating insight into the production process while awakening the senses to new and exotic flavours, where the guides suggest simple and clever ways to add spices to your everyday cooking. If you are lucky enough to be staying at La Villa de La Plantation, take advantage of a privileged tour of the plantations early in the morning, before the arrival of non-resident tourists.

visite guidée de la plantation kampot

Khmer cooking class or lunch at the restaurant

After this rich experience, you can choose between a Khmer cooking class to discover the secrets of local cuisine or lunch at the restaurant, where you can enjoy dishes prepared with fresh, local ingredients from the Kampot region, and from our own organic farm. Enjoy iconic Cambodian dishes, from green mango salads to fish amok and vegetable curries, as well as a range of drinks and ice creams, all featuring La Plantation’s signature spices.

cuisine khmère traditionnelle

Shopping: support for the association’s social project and a walk in the botanical garden

For shopping enthusiasts, a visit to the La Plantation social project boutique is a must. By supporting this association, visitors contribute to community initiatives that have a positive impact on the lives of local residents.
Afterwards, a shady stroll through the botanical garden offers a relaxing break after a busy morning. Discover the many tropical plants, flowers and spices that are characteristic or endemic to Cambodia. It’s a fun and educational activity that will please young as well as grown-up visitors!

couché de soleil à kampot

After a quick nap by the pool, enjoy the pool and dinner at sunset

Relax by the pool and cool off until sunset, while admiring the picturesque scenery and our Kampot Pepper plantations that surround La Villa de la Plantation.
The day ends in style with a dinner prepared for you at the villa, where visitors can enjoy refined cuisine prepared with fresh local produce, in an elegant and convivial atmosphere. This is the perfect opportunity to relive the highlights of the day and recall the unforgettable memories created at La Plantation Kampot.

diner préparé à la villa de la plantation

In conclusion, a day at La Plantation Kampot promises total immersion in the culture and nature of the Kampot region, offering visitors an unforgettable and relaxing experience, where authenticity and culinary discoveries meet in harmony.

We look forward to welcoming you to La Plantation Kampot!


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