recettes de lattés colorés

Les lattés colorés, indispensables de la rentrée

This autumn, we have a special craving for comforting drinks made from hot milk. Both nostalgic and delicious, these "lattes" full of goodness and colour will take you on a journey.
Coloured lattes, a back-to-school must-have

A Matcha latte?

Originally, the latte is part of the Italian coffee culture; simply diluted with hot milk. In Japan this time, a fine powdered green tea is consumed, very concentrated, a bit like coffee in its intensity and bitterness, called matcha. The arrival of coffee shops everywhere has brought these two cultures together: the matcha latte was born. Are you already a fan of this antioxidant drink, matcha latte? Let yourself be tempted by our spice powders, with multiple benefits, which are prepared in the morning like a matcha, by simply whisking the powder into hot milk.

Matcha latte

Green: Moringa or Pandan Latte: the new matchas

Here’s a green-coloured latte alternative we’re going to hear about! Moringa is well known by its magical name of “tree of life”. This plant, used in India in traditional Ayurvedic medicine, is full of vitamins. Our Moringa leaves are particularly rich in minerals (calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium), vitamins A, C, E, very good quality proteins (containing the 9 essential amino acids) and antioxidants. It is a choice ally to include in a varied diet to face the new school year! We harvest them by hand, then they are selected and cleaned as soon as possible before being dehydrated at low temperature. This manufacturing process guarantees a high quality product that retains all its benefits. Moringa offers you a real energy boost, without caffeine, and will taste as close as possible to traditional green tea matcha with its herbaceous notes and its touch of bitterness. Use one teaspoon of Moringa per cup of milk, heat gently on the stove, whisk and adjust to your preference.

Still want a green latte, but with a much rounder flavour? Go for Pandan, our Asian vanilla with a slightly sweet taste. Frequently used in South-East Asia for its strong colouring power, just like matcha in Japan, Pandan powder is ideal for incorporating into sweetened preparations, and added to pre-heated milk, will make a delicious ‘green latte’ with notes of vanilla, almond and greenery. To be discovered with Moringa, or without, it can be prepared in the same way, by whisking a teaspoon of powder into hot milk.

Hibiscus Latte

Pink: Hibiscus Latte

If the intense and bitter side of matcha is not for you, we suggest a much more flowery alternative, based on our Hibiscus powder. To make a latte with a beautiful powdery pink colour, add 1 1/2 teaspoons of powder per cup of milk, but this time be careful: don’t whip it, otherwise the Hibiscus has a very foaming power! The best way is to dilute the powder in a small amount of milk and mix with the spoon, then add the rest of the milk and heat it up.

To counterbalance its acidic touch, you can add a little Palm Blossom sugar, for example, which has a low glycemic index.

But it’s not just colourful and delicious; eating Hibiscus also has many benefits. Among other things, it is said to lower blood pressure and to have an effect on the feeling of satiety (which can help with weight loss). It’s delicious, healthy and rosy!

latte aux Fleurs de Pois Papillon

Blue: A Butterfly Pea Flowers latte

How about a blue latte? Although it is a very rare colour in cooking, Butterfly Pea Flowers will surprise you with their vivid colouring power. A real hit for these infusion flowers that can be found in many cocktail bars. For a latte that is more surprising than ever, with fine notes of sesame, 5 flowers per cup of milk, cow’s milk or vegetable milk, such as cashew, rice or coconut. Leave to infuse over a low heat for ten minutes or so, and the blue colour intensifies as you go along. It’s magical!

Butterfly Pea Flowers are also said to have an anti-stress effect, so it’s the perfect time to try this amazing infusion. Our tip: for more flavour in this blue latte, add a little powdered young ginger.

Chai Latte

Orange: A Chai Latte

Perhaps the colourful latte you know best: the chai latte. This Indian-inspired spice blend develops a beautiful orange colour thanks to the turmeric in it.

Our ready-to-use Chai blend is caffeine-free, but gives you a real boost with the energising combination of Turmeric, Kampot Black Pepper and Young Ginger, and a big bowl of deliciousness with our Cassia Cinnamon and Cardamom. We count 1/2 to 1cc for the amateurs, per cup. No sugar is added to this blend, which is composed of exceptional spices directly from our farm in Cambodia. Combine short circuit, greed and health? What better way to celebrate a new school year!

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