Here are our 2 favourite summer snacks

Our brand-new range of Dried Fruits is ideal for a snack on the go with a nice dose of spice! This ready-to-use snack, in a resealable bag, will accompany us this summer throughout the holidays, for trips to the sea, cycling or the mountains. These dried fruits offer us a boost of energy and a little moment of greediness, to discover with the family. Today, we tell you more about this new spicy snack.
Here are our 2 favourite summer snacks

A very popular snack in Asia 

In Cambodia, in the street or in the markets, you can often find fresh pineapple sellers who offer them to you accompanied by chilli or pepper. This gave us the desire to make you discover these delicious fruits, picked at full maturity, by adding our personal touch…

A more responsible alternative

We have designed this new range of fruit as an alternative to importing fresh fruit from Asia to Europe by plane, but above all to let you discover the real taste of fruit picked at full maturity in Cambodia. This drying process allows us to preserve these fruits for many months, instead of a few days, allowing the whole world to discover these unique tastes!

It also avoids the food waste that occurs at harvest time. But at the peak of the season, the ripe fruit is often not picked from the trees anymore, as it cannot be exported, resulting in waste and financial loss. It is this ripe fruit that we process locally!


The ideal snack for athletes

A trip to the sea, the forest or a bike ride? Our dried fruit packets – neither too small nor too big – can be enjoyed with friends to give you a boost during your effort or to take a break during your walks. Dried fruit provides an immediate source of energy thanks to its natural carbohydrates. It is a healthy fuel for athletes. Before a sports session or during a long walk, dried fruit provides enough energy to last the duration of the effort. At the end of the session, they are perfect for physical recovery.

On fait découvrir les épices aux petits

Dried fruits are the perfect snack to introduce the whole family to the subtle aromas of Kampot pepper! Yes, even children can enjoy this exceptional spice.
For a slightly less peppery experience, you can cut the fruit into smaller sections and add it to yoghurt, ice cream or even cake batter to replace candied fruit. A healthier, high-fibre version that everyone will love!

Paquet de mangue séchée

Rediscovering fruit as an aperitif

Our Dried Fruits will add a spicy and sweet touch to your aperitif platters.
They also go particularly well with cheese, charcuterie and white wines, so it’s the perfect time to introduce our Dried Fruit with Kampot Pepper to your friends and family. A guaranteed success!

What about in the kitchen-?

And if you feel like adding our Dried Mangoes and Pineapples to your favourite dishes, you can cut them into small pieces and add them to summer salads such as tabbouleh, lamb tagine, and madeleines. Our Fruits will add an exotic touch to your favourite dishes!

And you, how do you use our new range of Dried Fruits? We can’t wait to hear your feedback!

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