Comment épicer le sucré ?

Comment épicer le
sucré ?

Spicing up the sweet can be a bit scary at first. You have to find the right balance between spice and sugar, chocolate or fruit. And yet, it's a great way to give a boost and a touch of originality to our favourite recipes, from breakfast, to snacks or desserts. We tell you about some of our current spicy and sweet combinations.
How to spice up sweets?
Pancakes au Pandan

First thing in the morning: pancakes

Who doesn’t love a good pancake for breakfast? A staple of American or Canadian cuisine, pancakes are a perfect blank canvas to start incorporating spices into sweetness. For an original touch, add some Pandan powder to the batter, which will bring a soft green colour and a vanilla flavour.

Seasonal classics: carrot cake and gingerbread

To prepare a delicious carrot cake or gingerbread, it is impossible to miss a spicy seasoning! We love those warm autumn and winter aromas that we find every year. Our Chai Blend is the perfect substitute for four or five spice blends, freshly ground at the time of harvest at our Kampot Farm, it offers a real explosion of flavours and many benefits!

Gingembre jeune

The simplest: compotes

Pears, apples, quinces, bananas, and why not a few red fruits, compote is as simple to make as it is delicious. At La Plantation, we prefer it without sugar, or with a little bit of our Palm Sugar with a lower glycemic index, and we add a lot of spices! At the moment, our favourite is our Forest Cardamom, which we crush lightly in a mortar and pestle, before infusing it for about thirty minutes in the pot.

The most comfortable: rice pudding

One of our “soft” dishes is truly rice pudding. Each family has its own favourite recipe, where the rice is cooked for varying lengths of time, in the oven or on the stove. Here, no nostalgia, we prepare a very original rice pudding with the mystery ingredient: Lemongrass Stem. Close to verbena, Lemongrass will bring an Asian touch to this very comforting dessert.

The most daring: the chocolate mousse

Who dares touch the iconic chocolate mousse? At La Plantation, there’s no respite: every great classic of the kitchen is revisited in spicy fashion! For this new winter season, we are warming up our guests’ palates with a chocolate mousse… with ginger!

Coffrets épices sucrés

Our dedicated box: Our Sweets

So, convinced? We have prepared a small box of spices dedicated to sweet associations, perfect to slip under the Christmas tree for sweet tooths. Composed of 5 tubes of 50g of spices (Forest Cardamom, Chai Mix, Pandan powder, Lemongrass powder, Ginger powder), and accompanied by a recipe from our Book, it will make you travel this winter!

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