Sauce Poivre de Kampot Noir
Sauce Poivre de Kampot Noir
Sauce Poivre de Kampot Noir
Sauce Poivre de Kampot Noir

Black Kampot Pepper Sauce


Our Black Kampot Pepper Sauce offers a perfect balance between its peppery, sweet and sour notes. An exceptional condiment that will accompany all your dishes.

About us

  • Formats disponibles

    100ml , 250ml
  • Ingredients

    Black Kampot pepper, Tamarind, molasses and cane sugar, water, garlic, onion, paddy grass, sea salt, lime juice, coriander, curry leaves
  • Aroma

    The unique taste of Black Kampot Pepper
  • Spice-Food Pairing

    Beef tartar, meat, pepper sauce, salads, cheese. As a condiment for all your dishes.
  • DDM

  • Conservation

  • Allergen

  • Type of sauce

    Peppery Sauce

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