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The 3 ranges of spices to discover to start cooking, and our advice

In this article, we'll give some tips and tricks for beginners who want to start using spices in their cooking. From understanding the different types of spices to learning how to balance flavours, this guide will help you take your dishes to the next level and explore the wonderful world of spices.
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The 3 ranges of spices to discover to start cooking, and our advice

Spices are an essential ingredient in many of the world’s cuisines, adding depth, complexity and flavour to dishes. However, for many novice cooks, the world of spices can be overwhelming and confusing. With the many types of spices available and the different flavour profiles, it can be difficult to know where to start. But fear not, it’s easier than you think to incorporate spices into your cooking!

flacons de sauce aux épices

Our tips for getting started with spices

Experimenting: Don’t be afraid to go off the beaten track, cooking with spices means daring to experiment with amazing combinations!

Dosing: Not sure how much spice you need? If you are following a recipe without spices and you want to add a spicy note, make your own dosage, adding them gradually and tasting as you go along.

Mixing: Spicy cooking is all about mixing and matching spices, such as Turmeric and Black Pepper, Cinnamon and Cardamom, Ginger and Galanga.

Daring: To use spices like the great chefs, dare to use spices right up to desserts. Why not reproduce these surprising and delicious combinations: chocolate and chilli or our Fresh Kampot Pepper with Salt, coffee and Cardamom, fruit and Red Kampot Pepper.

Marinating: To infuse spicy flavours into your favourite dishes, don’t hesitate to let your spices marinate before cooking your meat, fish or vegetables.

Choosing: When it comes to spices (as with everything else in the kitchen), quality comes first! Supermarket spices that are 5 years old are not going to help you give that fresh touch to your seasonal recipes! For a spicy cuisine full of goodness, it is best to choose spices in a short circuit, directly from the producer, where the traceability is transparent and complete.

Storing: To preserve their freshness, spices should be stored away from light and humidity… except for our Fresh Pepper with Salt, which should be kept in the refrigerator, as well as our Sauces after opening!

mangue séchée

Our Sauces

Did you know that our sauces, both sweet and hot, are ready to use? Just shake them well before use, and take them out of the fridge about ten minutes beforehand. They can be served directly at the table, like a condiment such as ketchup or mustard. Depending on your taste, they bring intense flavours to your fries and burgers, salads, cheese boards, sushi and other raw fish, and even oysters; our Green Pepper Duo Sauce was originally designed for this use!

Our Mixes

Spicy, Lemon, Smoked, or Chai and Currys, our range of blends are a great accompaniment to any dish! Simply sprinkle them on when cooking, or directly into the dish to add a multitude of finely ground spices. We particularly recommend using Lemon Blend with fish, Smoked Blend with meat or eggs, but there are no rules; feel free to combine them in various ways.

Our Dried Fruits

Are you more of a Mango or Pineapple person? Our latest range of spices is a ready-to-use snack, perfect for snacks or desserts. With a touch of Red Kampot Pepper, our lightly peppered fruits can be enjoyed on their own or as an accompaniment to appetizers, cheese boards, or yogurt.
“It is simply delicious. The taste of the mango is very pronounced, the pepper awakens, it’s a perfect snack. I love it!” Thanks to our customer Lucie for her review. Don’t hesitate to share yours and your favourite way to enjoy them!

We hope these tips will help you adopt an ever spicier cuisine!

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