On a trouvé la meilleure détox de Janvier

We have the best detox of January for you !

Whether you want to follow the ‘Dry January’ trend, wish to be a bit more careful, or simply desire to get some vitamins and benefits, we have the perfect new year guide for you!
We have the best detox of January for you !

Dry January

It has been a great trend this past couple of years, coming straight from the anglo-saxon countries; the famous and fearful Dry January’.

So, what is it really about? It’s a sort of challenge, a month without alcohol to begin right after New Year’s Eve. Trend or not, it’s the opportunity to put your kidneys to rest after this intensive festive period. You want to try it out but drinking only water sounds a bit boring? How about making some mocktails, these alcohol-free cocktails but full of flavour! It’s just about making a drink composed of superfoods, just as good for your body as it is for your mind. We love to make our own citrus fizz, with natural sparkling water, lemon juice and/or clementine juice, and a bit of Kaffir Lime Zests. Dose it to your liking, it will make the little ones happy too!


gamme de tisanes de la Plantation

An infusion for your digestion

Quoi de plus classique qu’une tisane après un repas un peu trop copieux ?

What’s more classic than drink a warm infusion after a meal that was a little too filling?
At La Plantation, our range of infusions, 100% natural, can be enjoyed on its own or composed, and help you digest peacefully. If you do not want to make your mix yourself, you can try our Morning Boost, full of antioxydants, or our Summer Freshness, that will surprise you with its blue tones, ideal for every season. If you are in the mood to experiment composing mixes yourself, you could try combining our Star Anise with our latest product: Black Ginger Petals. Boost guaranteed!

– Just a tip: our infusions can be infused hot or cold, as you like. If you want to cold-brew them, leave them to infuse for a whole night for a maximum of taste and benefits. Hot, infuse them about 10 minutes. But be careful, do not use boiling water as it will cook the infusions (and your teas too) and all the benefits will disappear.

The famous detox juice

How about a detox juice?

Ideal for a maximum of energy, for breakfast or as a snack, we love to make an orange juice, full of vitamins. You just need to squeeze a few oranges to which you add some Flower of Turmeric Powder, and a few mill turns of Black Kampot Pepper. If you own a juicer, carots go perfectly with this mix! Curcumin, the active principe of turmeric is particularly high in our Flower of Turmeric, and its action is reinforced by piperin, that you find in the essential oils present within the pepper. No more doubts, let’s try this wellness juice asap!


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