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The Kampot Pepper Renaissance book was co-written by Luc Mogenet and La Plantation. It traces the adventure of this black pearl from the Kampot region since the 13th century.
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Since the end of the 19th century, Kampot Pepper has gained worldwide renown as the best pepper in the world. This book traces its journey, from its export to France under the name “Poivre d’Indochine” throughout the protectorate, to its consecration as an exceptional spice appreciated by gourmets around the world.

Beyond its history, the book delves deep into the culture of pepper, unveiling the ancestral practices of the Kampot planter communities. It highlights the economic importance of Kampot Pepper and its impact on local communities, while examining the issues related to obtaining Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status.

Immerse yourself in the captivating history of Kampot Pepper with the book ‘Kampot Pepper: Renaissance of an exceptional spice’ written by Luc Mogenet. This book offers a detailed exploration of the unique terroir of the coastal region of Kampot, where this exceptional spice has been cultivated since the 12th century.

Luc Mogenet, an expert in culinary history, presents a detailed and richly illustrated account of the historical events that shaped the destiny of Kampot Pepper. Through evocative illustrations, period postcards and documents from colonial archives.

Whether you’re a cooking enthusiast, a culinary history buff, or simply curious to uncover the secrets of an exceptional spice, this book allows you to learn more about the world of Kampot Pepper. Dive deeper into its history, its cultivation, and the current and future challenges facing the producers of this prized spice.

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