Les 10 épices qui vont changer votre cuisine cette rentrée

The 10 spices that will change your cooking this back-to-school season

As the back-to-school rush begins, join us on this flavor-packed journey and discover how simple and delicious cooking can be, even on your busiest days.
The 10 spices that will change your cooking this back-to-school season

As summer fades into fond memories, the back-to-school season rushes in with a whirlwind of activities and responsibilities. Amidst the chaos of getting the kids ready and managing hectic schedules, finding time to prepare delicious meals can seem like an impossible task. But fear not, as we embark on a flavorful journey that will revolutionize your back-to-school kitchen. In this blog, we’ll explore the wonders of using spices to simplify your cooking, add excitement to family meals, and turn busy days into delightful culinary adventures.

mangue séchée

Ready-to-use Dried Fruit

The latest addition to our family of spices, our Dried Fruits: Pineapple and Mango, with Red Kampot Pepper are a ready-to-use snack, lightly spiced with Red Kampot Pepper, picked when fully ripe, bean by bean, by hand, on our Kampot Farm! Their resealable packaging is very practical to slip into a snack, for those little nibbles on the go.

BBQ Tamarind Sauce or Khmer Ketchup for burgers

Don’t feel like cooking tonight? We understand, with busy days it’s always handy to have a comforting meal delivered. But don’t take the easy way out with industrial sauces: replace them with our Spice Sauces, like BBQ Tamarind Sauce or Khmer Ketchup for dipping your fries, burger or nuggets in. A bowl of spices and flavours, all prepared on our family farm, awaits your next delivery!

Burrata citronnée

Citrus Mix for burrata

Our favourite end-of-summer recipe, ready in just 2 minutes, is a beautiful Burrata to which we add olive oil and our Citrus Mix. If you don’t like or eat dairy products, this lightly salted blend is also divine on melon or watermelon!

Morning Boost Infusion

For a good boost in the morning, why not replace caffeine with our natural Morning Boost Infusion, made with Moringa Leaves, Ginger and Turmeric Petals – in short, real superfoods to get you back into shape!


Star Anise for the compote

Simmer a few chopped apples in a saucepan for 20 to 30 minutes and you’ve got a delicious compote with no added sugar! We love to add one star anise for every 2 apples, to be measured out according to your taste, during cooking for a nice aniseed flavour. If you’re not a fan of this flavour, it’s also delicious with a little Cinnamon.

Tamarind Cinnamon Sauce for yoghurt

Want to add a little flavour to your yoghurt? Our Tamarind Cinnamon Sauce is a spicy little treat that will add lots of flavour to your yoghurt, and will appeal to young and old alike!

cardamome sauvage

Cardamom for a porridge

We love this recipe for Wild Cardamom porridge from Season Suppers. Try it at home, with a banana for fibre and energy for the whole day.

Fried eggs with Green Chilies Duo Sauce

If you’re more of a savoury person in the morning, or for a quick work-from-home breakfast, make yourself some fried eggs and enjoy them with our Green Chilies Duo Sauce. It’s fresh and generous, and has become one of our favourites for busy mornings.
As the new school year gets underway, don’t forget that a pinch of spice can turn ordinary moments into extraordinary memories!

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Mélange Citronné – Fleur de Sel aux feuilles de Combava




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