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We reveal our collaboration with My Fermentation: spicy misos

Hugo Chaise, aka My Fermentation, has one goal: to make fermentation sexy, through a delicious variation of misos and kombuchas.
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We reveal our collaboration with My Fermentation: spicy misos

A true spice enthusiast, he has been working for the past few months on 2 divine miso recipes with our spices, and a caramel miso to offer you a gourmet holiday box! Discover the spicy miso box: our very first collaboration.


Who better than Hugo Chaise for our very first collaboration? His unique fermentation work is a testament to the high standards and expertise he has developed over the years.

His emphasis on the seasonal nature of his preparations immediately appealed to us, and united us in our common commitment to freshness and originality in each of our products.

A true pioneer of fermentation in France, Hugo has been a trained chef for 15 years, and has trained with many French chefs, with whom he still has strong ties. It was during various trips that he discovered fermentation!

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Hugo has created a real place around fermentation, for professionals and individuals who wish to discover and why not learn about fermentation. His ambition is to create a real place of life and experimentation, through workshops and meetings. Don’t hesitate to go directly to her shop, rue Debelleyme, in Paris. In the meantime, we present her work in a little more detail!


When and how did you discover fermentation?

Hugo: I discovered fermentation in Australia in 2015, during my first working holiday visa, then deepened in Japan in 2017 during the second visa and refined at Noma in 2018.

– For you, what do our spices bring to your fermentation work?

Hugo: The spices are there to bring a new dimension, sometimes to sublimate, sometimes to reinforce. Above all, they bring originality and deliciousness.


Can you tell us a little bit about the idea behind this collaboration? What is the box made of and what are the agreements you worked on?

Hugo: The idea of the box was to make miso pastes with a festive character with spices that I love to use.

  • I have been using your brand since the beginning of my adventure and I really like the work that is done, the approach and the quality of the spices that you offer. In addition to the human dimension which was important to me.
  • Fermentation = living = connection to others

Our collaborative

Christmas box

1. Salted Miso

This first miso is made of lupin/soy miso (white round rice IGP Camargue, aspergillus orizae, sea salt), Long Pepper Leather, Galanga and wakame algae.

Ideal as a base for instant soup, it is diluted in boiling water, then waited 3 minutes for a nice infusion. It can also be garnished with seasonal vegetables, meat or fish. For the dosage, it’s up to your taste! We also love to use it on our sandwiches, it goes particularly well with cheeses such as cheddar or beaufort.


2. Swett Miso

This second miso was designed as a pastry version. It is made of lupin/soy miso (IGP white round rice from the Camargue, aspergillus orizae, sea salt), our Cinnamon Casse and Turmeric Flower powder, with a touch of flower pollen for a fresh and fruity touch. It can be added to pastries, buns, breads, and drinks, but also to spicy savoury dishes such as tagine. We also love to add it to our yoghurts for a deliciously spicy and fermented treat!


3. A delicious salted butter caramel with miso… an absolute treat!

What are your favourite spices at the moment? How would you define La Plantation’s spices?

Hugo: My current favourite spices are Turmeric and Long Pepper Leather. Just incredible. Your spices are of exceptional quality. They don’t stale, they remain powerful and fragrant. A real pleasure.

Can you tell us a bit about your Kombucha work as well? Do you add spices to it?

Hugo: My work on kombuchas is done with the ambition of offering non-alcoholic drinks with the structure and complexity of alcoholic drinks (especially wines).

– The spices are there precisely to bring an extra dimension to a drink with an already rich profile. And I’m also looking for uniqueness. In addition to your ambition and brand commitment.


We hope that you will enjoy this beautiful box of spicy and very tasty miso as much as we do! Quickly, it is available in a very limited edition on my-fermentation.com

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