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Give unique flavours this festive season: Our 8 Gift Ideas

At La Plantation, we're proud to offer you an exceptional selection of gifts for the festive season. Each of our products tells a story of authenticity, respect for tradition and the environment, while offering exceptional flavours. Choose one of our gift sets or accessories, and share the love of spices with your loved ones while supporting our fair trade project!
Give unique flavours this festive season: Our 8 Gift Ideas

The festive season is fast approaching, bringing with it the magic of Christmas, the warmth of New Year’s Eve and the joy of exchanging gifts. To celebrate these special moments, there’s nothing better than choosing unique and responsible gifts that will awaken the senses of your loved ones. With this in mind, let them discover our fair-trade spices and spice accessories, direct from our Farm in Cambodia!

Why give spices from La Plantation?

Exceptional Spices, a true story

La Plantation is much more than just a spice brand. It’s a human adventure, a meeting between faraway lands and people passionate about authentic flavours. The spices come directly from our farm in Kampot, in southern Cambodia, where they are grown fairly by our farmers, respecting tradition and the environment. Each La Plantation product tells a story, a story of passion and commitment to quality.

Authentic Products, a Fair Approach

By choosing La Plantation, you’re doing much more than giving a simple gift. You’re supporting a fair trade approach that respects the environment. Our spices are grown under optimum conditions, honouring both ancestral knowledge and a commitment to innovation, guaranteeing exceptional quality that’s unique in the world of spices: from our farm to your table! What’s more, from the outset of our project, we have been committed to supporting local communities, on our Farm with our workers who come mainly from the surrounding villages, as part of our WFTO – World Fair Trade Organization – certification. And, in particular, through our NGO, Les Écoles de La Plantation.


What gifts to give?

We have an exquisite selection of gifts that will delight the taste buds and brighten up the cooking of your friends and family. Discover the 8 perfect, spicy gifts for the festive season:

1. Our Gift Boxes

For those who enjoy exotic cooking and bold flavours, La Plantation’s spicy gift boxes are a perfect option. These sets include a variety of exceptional spices, carefully produced on our farm, that will bring exotic flavours to any dish..

Our Discovery Gift Box: the perfect gift for someone new to La Plantation, who wants to discover the breadth of our spice ranges, including our Spicy Blends and Sauces. This box also contains a beautiful wooden mill with a ceramic mechanism, a must for discovering our Kampot Peppers!

Our Winter Flavours Gift Box: we’ve designed this gift set by choosing the spices that go best with our favourite comforting winter dishes! This box includes our Tamarind Cinnamon Sauce, ideal with foie gras and gingerbread.

Our Essentials Gift Box: the perfect way to start cooking, with classics like Flower of Salt and Kampot Pepper, as well as our Flower of Turmeric, a superfood that will be your ideal winter ally.

Our Kampot Peppers Gift Box: It’s impossible not to offer you a gift set dedicated to Kampot Pepper, our very first speciality and one of only 2 peppers in the world to benefit from a PGI. Kampot Pepper is truly the emblem of this region of southern Cambodia, where our organic farm is located. A gift box to discover this rare pepper, or to introduce it to your friends and family.

– Our ready-to-use Gift Box: for those in a hurry or those who are new to cooking, this gift box brings together our ready-to-use spice blends, which will enhance your dishes in just 1 step. It also includes our best-seller, Fresh Salted Kampot Pepper, which doesn’t need a grinder and can be sprinkled directly onto dishes.

épices à offrir

2. Our Gift box to fil

Whether you’re giving spices to a cooking enthusiast or a budding gourmet, we’ve created a new gift idea this year: a customisable gift box that’s sure to satisfy every taste!
Choose your dream gift box, and slip your selected spices into our reusable, recycled kraft box! The perfect responsible gift box for the festive season.
To make the most of this empty box, here are our recommendations for your selection of spices:

You can choose to add :
5 Tubes (50g)
4 Sauces (100ml)
1 Mill + 3 Tubes
2 Sauces + 2 Tubes
1 Mortar + 2 Tubes

moulin à poivre artisanal

3. Our accessories to bring out the best in spices

Cooking enthusiasts know just how much quality cooking accessories can enhance the meal preparation experience. La Plantation offers a range of spice accessories, including high-quality Wooden Spice Grinders with its European ceramic mechanism. We also have a beautiful Sugar Palm Mortar, made by artisans in the Siem Reap region of northern Cambodia, home to the Angkor temples! These practical accessories will add a touch of sophistication to your family’s cooking.
Discover also our Recipe Books that will inspire you to cook spicy food, from morning to dinner, every day of the year! Each seasonal recipe features a spice, and is very easy to reproduce at home.

Tube de cardamome

4. Unique and wild spices

La Plantation spices are not only Fair Trade, they’re also extraordinary. Give the gift of unique spices like Kampot Pepper, one of the world’s finest peppers, or Turmeric, renowned for its health benefits. These exceptional spices will add a touch of authenticity to your family’s cooking.

We also offer a range of unusual spices endemic to Cambodia, such as our Wild Cardamoms, which have been collected in the wild in the Cambodian forests during the rainy season. You can also discover our Galanga and Wild Ginger, which will amaze you with their strength and characteristic aroma!

Rediscover Turmeric with our cousin variety, White Turmeric Zeodary, which has a sweet mango fragrance and can be used like ginger.

You’ll love our unique creations, such as Fresh Salted Kampot Pepper; the Green, in whole grains, or the Red, which is crushed. This salt fermentation is also found in our Long Pepper, with its surprising artichoke note..

5. Ready-to-use Sauces: from the spiciest to the mildest

For lovers of condiments, we’ve developed a range of Spice Sauces, with 6 Hot Sauces, 6 Mild Sauces and 2 Kampot Pepper Sauces. They’ll enhance your recipes in an instant, or even your deliveries for evenings out in a hurry! The Sauces go particularly well with the more gourmet dishes we love every winter, such as raclettes, fondues, chips and burgers. And even with the exceptional products we enjoy at festive occasions, such as Smoked Salmon, which goes very well with Khmer Roots Sauce, or Oysters and Green Pepper Duo Sauce, as well as Kampot Pepper Sauces for a stunning cheese platter. There’s no better way to share our sauces this winter!

Anis étoilé badiane

6. Herbal Teas full of flavour and benefits

For your loved one who likes to drink herbal teas from morning to night, we have a range of herbal teas straight from our Cambodian farm. Our Morning Boost blend is a delicious herbal tea that gives a great dose of energy and is an ideal alternative to caffeine. Our Hibiscus infusion is a perfect option for those who like a tangy flavour. Star Anise is an ideal spice to discover in winter, and goes very well with broths, jams and compotes.
And if you’re not a fan of herbal teas, but prefer cocktails, discover our Butterfly Pea Flowers, which add a bluish hue to drinks, turning pink with the addition of lemon or tonic. Ideal for infusing gin and surprising your friends!

7. Dried Fruit with Kampot Pepper as a Christmas treat

Everyone needs a bit of sweet indulgence over Christmas, so we’ve decided to share with you a snack that Cambodians and South-East Asians are very fond of: Dried Mangoes and Pineapples. We’ve added a light touch of Red Kampot Pepper, which goes best with fruit for an original, spicy version. This ready-to-use snack can be eaten on its own, perfect for a last-minute snack or tea time, or added to simmered dishes such as shoulder of lamb, or on aperitif boards with cheeses. Our Dried Fruits offer you the chance to enjoy exotic seasonal fruit, harvested when fully ripe and then dehydrated, a sweet option that’s good for your health and better for the planet!

Vue sur la Plantation

8. A stay in Kampot, at La Villa de la Plantation?

And finally, for your loved one who thought they knew everything about spices, or La Plantation, wouldn’t this be the perfect opportunity to discover our farm, and our brand new Bed & Breakfast: La Villa de la Plantation? You’ve been asking us for years, and now it’s done: come and stay at the heart of our Kampot Pepper, fruit and spice plantations! A unique and exclusive experience to discover with your family or friends. Villa de La Plantation is an intimate 4-bedroom bed & breakfast with an infinity pool overlooking the entire region, offering the chance to sleep in and visit our Farm early in the morning before the many visitors arrive, after enjoying a local or continental breakfast. On site, you can also take part in a Khmer cooking class, visit our botanical garden and Plantation, followed by a tasting of spices and local dishes in our restaurant. The ideal gift for adventurers, gourmets and those who want to know everything about our agricultural project. The experience of a lifetime!

For more information, visit the dedicated La Villa de La Plantation website, or contact villa@laplantation-kampot.com

hébergement à la plantation

Give the gift of originality with La Plantation

This year, delight your loved ones with gifts that evoke exoticism, quality and sustainability. Our products reflect our commitment to fair-trade spices, and their direct provenance from our farm in Cambodia offers a unique sensory experience. Spice Gift Boxes, Spice Accessories, singular Spices and a stay at La Plantation are the perfect selection to delight your loved ones and help them broaden their culinary horizons. Give the gift of discovery and flavour, and share the love of spices this festive season..

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