Comment assaisonner l’agneau

Spices that pair perfectly with Lamb

As Easter approaches, lamb becomes the undisputed star of the festivities. This delicate, flavoursome meat lends itself to a wide variety of seasonings to delight the taste buds of even the most demanding guests. For those wishing to innovate traditional lamb recipes and impress their guests during this emblematic celebration, here are a few tips for adding an original touch to your recipes!
Spices that pair perfectly with Lamb

Our recipe ideas with lamb

​Cassia cinnamon and Lamb: a Sweet-Savory combination to enhance meat

Cassia cinnamon is a spice often associated with desserts, but it can also bring a unique dimension to savory dishes, especially lamb. This unique combination is found in countries around the Mediterranean, particularly Greece and Morocco, where lamb and cinnamon are combined in tagines. Get inspired by these oriental flavors by using Cinnamon to marinate the shoulder or leg of lamb before cooking. Let the lamb rest in a spice mixture containing cinnamon, like our Campfire Rub, for a few hours or even overnight for maximum flavor infusion. This sweet-savory marinade adds depth of flavor and tenderness to the meat that will surely impress your guests.

tube de mélange d'épices rub

Serve lamb with Khmer Roots Sauce for an explosion of flavours

Khmer Roots Sauce is a traditional Cambodian-inspired condiment, rich in spices and aromas. This sauce is perfect for seasoning cooked lamb, giving it an exotic, spicy touch. Serve it on the side as you would mustard, and let your guests dip their meat in this delicious sauce. With its spicy, tangy notes, it perfectly complements the natural flavour of the lamb without overpowering it.


Fresh red Kampot pepper salad with salt and Easter leftovers

After Easter celebrations, it’s often fun to reinvent leftover lamb to create fresh and tasty dishes. One delicious idea is to prepare a salad with these lamb leftovers. To add a touch of refinement and spice to this creation, sprinkle fresh Red Kampot Pepper with salt generously over your salad. This pepper, with its fresh, slightly lemony notes, will enhance the flavour of the lamb for a quick and easy, yet sophisticated combination!

recette de côtelettes d’agneau marinées

Marinated Lamb chops with smoked Paprika

Use smoked Paprika to marinate your lamb chops and bring an intense spicy flavor. To prepare this gourmet recipe, start by marinating the lamb chops in a mixture of olive oil, smoked paprika, crushed garlic, lemon juice, salt, and Kampot Pepper, and perhaps a bit of rosemary. Let the meat soak up these flavors for a few hours in the refrigerator, then grill or roast until nicely golden on the outside and tender on the inside. This marinade will give the lamb a complex and irresistible flavor that will delight all your guests. You can accompany these delicious chops with Hasselback potatoes seasoned with Campfire Rub.

In conclusion, seasoning lamb with spices is a sure way to transform an ordinary dish into a chef’s recipe. Whether you opt for a sweet-savory marinade with Cinnamon Break, a spicy Khmer Roots Sauce, Fresh Red Kampot Pepper with Salt for a touch of freshness, or a smoky touch with our Paprika, your lamb dishes are sure to make a sensation at Easter this year!

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