Herbe à Paddy
Herbe à Paddy
Herbe à Paddy

Rice Paddy Herb


Our Paddy grass grows wild in rice fields and develops an aromatic palette very emblematic of Southeast Asian cuisine.

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Our Paddy Herb, a wild plant from
the rice fields

Paddy Herb is a name that comes from the translation of the English name of the plant “Rice Paddy Herb”, where paddy in English means rice field. This aromatic herb is also known in French as ambulie aromatique.

Paddy herb, botanically classified as Limnophila aromatica, is a tropical perennial plant belonging to the Plantaginaceae or plantain family. The name Limnophila in Greek means “pool-loving”, which describes the native growing region of the plant. It therefore grows wild in semi-aquatic areas, especially in rice fields, and can grow prolifically there. It can also be cultivated in wetlands. Communities in Southeast Asia, including Cambodia, have been harvesting Paddy Herb for thousands of years as a food source and natural medicine.

Paddy Herb is a branched herb with straight, hollow stems and elongated, thin, pointed leaves that can grow to 30-50 centimeters in height. The stems have a light, succulent, spongy consistency, lightly covered with fine hairs. When left to grow, the plant produces small, pale pink flowers seasonally.

Secret Lake, near La Plantation in Kampot, is surrounded by rice fields cultivated by neighboring villagers. Our Paddy Herb is harvested in the rainy season when the plant is still tender and fresh.

Each plantis picked by hand, taking care to cut it above the root. The cut herbs are waterlogged and very fragile and cannot be stored for long. They are therefore immediately selected by hand, washed, cut and dehydrated at low temperature to preserve all their aromas.

Paddy Herb develops a unique aromatic palette that is difficult to describe but very recognizable from Southeast Asian cuisine. Paddy Herb has a refreshing, citrus (fresh lemon peel) and herbal aroma and the stems and leaves have a vegetal, citrus, earthy and spicy (cumin) flavor. It is sometimes mentioned that its aroma is close to the haunting smell that emerges just after a strong summer storm.

Paddy Herb is traditionally harvested and used as a fresh finishing herb in soups, curries and stir-fries. Although mostly used fresh in Asia, Paddy Herb can be difficult to find in Europe as it is very fragile and difficult to keep fresh for more than a few days. With our Paddy Herb powder, we offer you the possibility to give this singular and original touch to your dishes.

Paddy Herb powder can be sprinkled in salads, integrated in a marinade (raw beef salad), a vinaigrette, a mayonnaise or a hollandaise sauce (replacing sorrel).

In Cambodia as well as throughout Southeast Asia, Paddy Herb is frequently used in soups (Phở beef noodle soup or fish soup)

Paddy Herb goes well with meats including poultry, beef, pork and fish, other herbs like lemongrass, basil and mint, steamed rice, lemon, lime, peppers, peas, broccoli, spinach, carrots and peanuts.

You can also season marinated mussels or cockles with Paddy Herb powder. It will give a nice green color and a herbaceous and spicy taste to your omelet, guacamole or eggplant caviar.

  • Formats disponibles

    50g Tube
  • Variety

    Limnophila aromatica
  • Origin

  • Ingredients

    100 % Paddy grass
  • Spice-Food Pairing

    Raw beef salad, spring rolls, Phở beef noodle soup or fish soup, Sauteed shrimp or shrimp soup, Marinated shellfish (cockles or mussels), vinaigrette, mayonnaise
  • DDM

  • Conservation

  • Allergen

Lemon, herbaceous and spicy

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