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Our Peppercorns

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Recognised as the best peppercorn in the world by chefs and gourmets, Kampot Pepper is one of only 2 peppers in the world to have been awarded a PGI. This exceptional pepper develops a unique flavour thanks to its terroir in the Kampot region of southern Cambodia and its long tradition of traditional farming.

Our Roots

Cambodia is full of roots from the ginger or curcuma family, where they are traditionally used by the Khmers for their flavour and health benefits. Our Roots are collected in the wild or grown organically, where they are processed the same day they are harvested; selected, dehydrated and ground into powder, then packaged at our Kampot Farm.

Our spice blends


Our range of ready-to-use spice blends has been lovingly created on our Kampot farm. Smoky, spicy, lemony, our blends showcase the diversity of the Kampot terroir, and its Fleur de Sel, now recognized by a PGI. Discover our Rubs, massage powders that will enhance your cooking in the blink of an eye!

Our Chilies and Paprika


From the mildest to the strongest, we've selected a range of Chillies and PrapikaΒ in all colours and to suit all tastes. Available whole, powdered or smoked, our chillies will spice up and colour your dishes in an original way. Discover the subtle aromas of our rare and delicate chillies grown on our own organic farm in Kampot.

Our Aromatic Plants


Our aromatic plants celebrate the variety of traditional Cambodian gardens, where Kaffir lime, Hibiscus and Lemongrass grow side by side. Designed on our permaculture farm, our range of aromatic plants with their unique aromas also includes wild-gathered species, such as our Cardamoms, endemic to Cambodia.

Our Dried Fruits

Our dried fruits are picked when fully ripe, capturing the richness of natural flavours and nutrients. Grown with care in sunny Cambodia, our Dried Mangoes and Pineapples are then combined with IGP Red Kampot Pepper, creating soft, delicious snacks to enjoy at any time of day.

Our Spice Sauces


Made in our farm in Kampot from fresh fruit and spices, our Sauces develop aromatic notes full of spicy flavours and surprises. Subtle to intense spiciness for the Hot Sauces, peppery, sweet and fruity notes for the Sweet Sauces, and an explosion of peppery flavours for our Kampot Pepper Sauces.
La Plantation - Nos Tisanes

Our Herbal tea


Our range of loose leaf tea and herbal tea pays tribute to Khmer culture and its traditional knowledge, incarnating the very essence of this region's herbal tradition. Our herbal teas, made from organically-grown leaves, roots and flowers cold-dried on our farm, will continue to surprise you with their natural benefits.

Our Gift Ideas


Find out more about our selection of Gift Ideas, perfect for the festive season or special occasions to celebrate. Gift boxes with exceptional spices, inspiring Recipe Books; offer the authentic flavours of Cambodia. Make each gift an unforgettable sensory experience and share your passion for Cambodian gastronomy with your loved ones.
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