Sauce Ketchup Khmer
Sauce Masala Khmer
Sauce Ketchup Khmer
Sauce Ketchup Khmer
Sauce Ketchup Khmer

Khmer Ketchup Sauce


Our Khmer Ketchup Sauce reveals unique Asian aromas with smoked cinnamon and herbal notes. Classic and original, a must try!

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Our Khmer Ketchup Sauce with our original
Khmer touch

Our Khmer Ketchup Sauce has the same ingredients as the original ketchup sauce with tomatoes and a sweet and salty taste. We have added our original Khmer touch with the addition of a cinnamon cassia – specially smoked for this recipe – and our signature Cambodian herb paddy grass.

Khmer Ketchup Sauce does not contain any coloring or preservatives. It is recommended to shake the bottle before each use and keep it in a cool place once opened.

Our Khmer Ketchup Sauce will appeal to young and old alike. Very mild, it develops a slightly smoky and sweet taste with cinnamon. It will be the ideal partner of your burgers, grilled meats, fish & French fries and fries.

You can also mix it with a mayonnaise to season shrimps or steamed or grilled fish. It will accompany sautéed vegetables or buttered pasta.

Once opened, it is recommended to keep the bottle in the refrigerator. Shake the bottle well before each use.

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  • Variety

    Sweet Sauce - Khmer Ketchup Sauce
  • Origin

    Kampot IGP - Cambodia
  • Ingredients

    Tomatoes, cane sugar, sweet long pepper, vinegar, vintage Kampot pepper, paddy grass, smoked cinnamon, galanga, salt, water
  • Aroma

    tomatoes, smoked and herbaceous
  • Spice-Food Pairing

    Burger, fries, fish & chips, mayonnaise, vegetables, pasta. Ideal for introducing children to spices
  • DDM

    24 months
  • Conservation

    Keep refrigerated after opening. Shake before use.
  • Allergen

    Allergy free
  • Type of sauce

    Sweet sauce

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