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The gift box, the “Kampot Peppers” contains 5 tubes of 50g, accompanied by a recipe from our Book. An ideal selection to bring the terroir of Kampot to your table and discover the flavours of each colour of our Kampot Peppers!

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An ideal selection to discover
Kampot Pepper

Kampot pepper is one of only two peppercorns in the world to be awarded a PGI (Protected Geographical Indication), a recognition of its geographical origin and superior quality. By choosing our Gift Set, you are guaranteed to experience the authenticity of this culinary treasure. All our spices are produced and packaged directly in Kampot, on our own Farm.

Immerse yourself in the centuries-old history of Kampot Pepper, grown in the heart of ancient traditions on the fertile lands of our family farm. Throughout the centuries, Kampot Pepper has been valued for its delightful aromas and unrivalled quality, making this spice a mainstay of Cambodian gastronomy. The secrets of cultivation, harvesting and drying have been lovingly preserved, guaranteeing the perpetuation of this exceptional tradition.

Kampot, with its unique tropical climate and rich soil, offers an exceptional terroir for growing peppers of incomparable quality. Each peppercorn bears the imprint of this terroir, imparting subtle nuances and complex aromas to the different colours: black, white, red and green of Kampot pepper.

This gift set contains the different colours of PGI Kampot Pepper, from Green to Red, depending on its maturity. The White peppercorn, which is the inner core of the pepper, is produced from our Red Pepper, a unique characteristic of our region. And Black peppercorns, which are sun-dried to develop their characteristic strength. Our Gift Box also contains the 2 variations of green Kampot Pepper that we have created exclusively:

  • Our Black Kampot Pepper is essential for subtly peppering all your dishes during cooking,
  • Our Red Kampot Pepper is the emblematic product of Kampot. De-stemmed by hand, it develops aromas of red fruit and tobacco,
  • Our White Kampot Pepper to add pepper without colouring your purées, white sauces, mayonnaise and all fish and white meats,
  • Our Kampot Pepper with Salt (Prix Epicures 2020) is an exclusive creation by La Plantation. To bite into it is to adopt it!
  • Our dehydrated green Kampot Pepper was also created at La Plantation. It develops powerful, vegetal aromas.

The “Our Kampot Peppers” box comes with a recipe card for “Poached Pear with Spices”, taken from our recipes book, Volume 1.

Our family farm is nestled in the heart of the Kampot region, above the Sacred Lake, creating the perfect environment for growing Kampot Pepper of exceptional quality. Every stage of production, from cultivation to harvesting, from drying to packaging, is meticulously carried out on our land, guaranteeing total traceability and unrivalled freshness.

Growing Kampot Pepper is a precise art that requires patience and expertise. From the selection of the plants to the hand-harvesting process, each stage is carried out with care by our dedicated agricultural craftsmen.

We are committed to respecting nature and minimising our impact on the environment. From organic cultivation to eco-responsible packaging, we adopt sustainable practices to preserve the beauty of our land and offer exceptional spices.

By choosing our Kampot Pepper gift set, you are not only supporting ethical farming, but also the preservation of an ancestral culture.

Named the best pepper in the world by many chefs and gourmets, Kampot pepper develops characteristic aromas.

Each colour of Kampot pepper has its own characteristic flavour, which evolves according to its maturity and manufacturing methods. From intense black pepper to fruity red pepper, delicate white pepper and surprisingly fresh green peppercorns, each peppercorn tells a sensory story, adding an exceptional dimension to your dishes.

Just like a fine vintage wine, however, we advise you not to mix colours! A good Kampot Pepper deserves its own mill. That’s why we’ve created a personalised pepper mill, with a ceramic mechanism and transparent acrylic bottle, so you can recognise the colour of the Kampot pepper at a glance. A fun way to discover the different aromas of our Kampot Peppers.

Discovering the subtleties of Kampot Pepper opens the door to a world of refined aromas and unforgettable flavours. Here are a few recipe ideas to make the most of these precious culinary treasures:

Slice some juicy tomatoes and fresh mozzarella. Sprinkle generously with our Kampot pepper with salt for an explosion of salty and spicy flavours. Drizzle with quality olive oil. A simple yet divinely delicious combination.

In a sugar syrup, poach pears until tender, with dehydrated green Kampot pepper for powerful, vegetal notes. Serve with a touch of fresh cream for a sweet and spicy experience.

Add character to your classic cookies by incorporating our freshly ground red Kampot pepper. The red fruit and tobacco flavours will transform these biscuits into an exquisite taste experience.

Gently coat your fish with our freshly ground white Kampot pepper after steaming. The subtle notes of this white pepper will enhance the natural flavour of the fish, creating a perfect harmony.


Chef’s tip: Use Kampot Pepper at the end of cooking to preserve its delicate flavour.

  • Variety

    Kampot Pepper (Black, Red, White, Salted and Dehydrated Green)
  • Origin

    Kampot – Cambodia
  • DDM

    36 mois (Poivres)
  • Conservation

    Keep in a cool, dry place, away from light and moisture
  • Weight

    5 tubes of 50g

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