Saveurs d'automne

The flavours of Autumn to discover urgently

Autumn is truly one of our favourite seasons for trying out new combinations in the kitchen. A true renewal of vegetables and fruits, autumnal flavours inspire us more and more each year. And what better way to combine these comforting little dishes with our spices from South-East Asia? Let's add a little spice with our 4 essential autumn spices!
The flavours of Autumn to discover urgently
saveurs d'automne avec le mélange Chai

Chai Mix

A true bestseller of the season, our Chai Mix is the perfect ally for autumn and winter dishes. In addition to offering explosive flavours, based on Cinnamon Casse, Turmeric Flower and Black Kampot Pepper, it is also packed with antioxidant benefits, perfect for coping with the cold weather. Let your imagination run wild, this ready-to-use blend is so versatile and easy to use. We sprinkle it in our cookies and crumbles, in our compotes or seasonal fruit salads, in crunchy palms, and first thing in the morning in our chia porridge. It has a naturally sweet taste thanks to the Cinnamon Casse, which also helps you to better assimilate carbohydrates and fast sugars. In short, our Chai: to test it is to adopt it!

saveurs d'automne avec la Cardamome


For us, cardamom is a spice that takes us back to childhood, with its unique aroma that reminds us of rice pudding and pastries from Scandinavia. If you don’t know this spice yet, we propose 2 varieties to discover: Forest Cardamom and Wild Cardamom. Both come from Northern Cambodia, where they are hand-picked and dried, giving them a slightly smoky aroma. In the Middle East, cardamom is also used a lot in savoury dishes, to spice up white meats and rice. But it is also used in coffee! We love to slip a slightly crushed clove into our compotes, to travel a little every day.

saveurs d'automne avec le Curcuma


Immediately recognisable by its bright orange colour, which reflects its incredible concentration of curcumin, its active ingredient, turmeric is used both in cooking and as a traditional remedy in Asia. Its flowery and slightly bitter taste will add body to your squash soups, and intensify their orange colour, by infusing Turmeric Petals. You can also add Turmeric Flower powder to orange juice for a maximum of vitamins, and in a vegetable, meat or fish curry.

saveurs d'automne avec le Gingembre


Our must-have ginger will give a real twist to your autumn cooking. In its young version, it offers citrus flavours, and in its wild version, its aromatic strength is multiplied tenfold! An explosion in the mouth, which goes particularly well with our favourite dishes of the colder months. It is often associated with chocolate, in a cake for example, where its strength enhances the roundness of the chocolate. But it can also be added to an apple or pear tart to counterbalance the sweetness of roasted fruit. And to liven up your everyday soups, our Ginger Powders offer a more responsible alternative to using fresh ginger flown in from the ends of the earth. From a spoonful onwards, a mouth-watering explosion guaranteed!

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ខ្ញី ខ្ចី


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Wild Cardamom

ផ្លែ ក្រវាញ



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