Find our Kampot Pepper, our spices and our original creations directly from Cambodia.
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Our Peppers


Known as the finest pepper in the world by chefs and foodies, Kampot Pepper PGI develops a unique flavor, thanks to its terroir and long tradition of artisanal farming in the region of Kampot in southern Cambodia.

Our Roots

Cambodia abounds of roots of the families of gingers and turmerics, harvested in the wild or cultivated organically. They are traditionally used by Khmers for both their benefits and flavours.

Our Mixes


As we are lucky enough to possess all the fresh spices, what a pleasure it is to prepare a range of ready-to-use mixes (with and without salt).

Our Chilies


From the mildest to the hottest, we have selected a range of chilies, of all colours and tastes. Proposed whole, in powder, and smoked, our chilies can spice up and add colour and originality to your dishes.

Our Aromatic Plants


At La Plantation, we harvest each aromatic plant according to its season, and dehydrate them the day they are harvested, in order to guarantee their freshness and preserve their aromas.

Our Dried Fruits

Our dried fruits are picked when fully ripe. We combine them with our spices, including IGP Red Kampot Pepper, to create soft and delicious snacks to be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Our Spice Sauces


Made in Kampot, with fruit or fresh spices, these Spicy Sauces offer a spiciness (subtle to intense) full of flavours and surprises: a subtle to intense spiciness for our Spicy Sauces, and peppery, sweet and fruity notes for the Sweet Sauces.
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Our Infusions


Khmers have kept a strong knowledge of plants and their benefits. Our range of infusions (leaves, roots and flowers) will keep on surprising you and provide benefits. They can be infused either hot or cold.

Our Gift Ideas


To better appreaciate our Peppers and Spices, we also have a selection of books and objects to buy for you or your closed ones.
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